Richard Pusey Had To Be Pushed Out Of A Doctor apos;s Way

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Millionaire businessman Richard Pusey needed to be pushed out of the way so a doctor could treat the police officer he is accused of filming as she died.  
Senior Constable Kevin King, Constable Glen Humphris, Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor and and Constable Josh Prestney all died in the crash in April after they were hit by a truck upon pulling over the speeding Pusey.  
Pusey, 41, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Wednesday where more shocking allegations of that tragic event were revealed. 
Richard Pusey was arrested on April 23, one day after the fatal crash which killed four police officers
Senior Constable Kevin King (pictured, far left), Constable Glen Humphris (second from left), Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor (second from right) and and Constable Josh Prestney (far right) all died in the crash
Court documents state dashcam footage had been captured from a doctor who stopped to assist a dying  Leading Senior Constable Taylor.
The court had previously heard a body camera worn by the officer had captured Pusey allegedly taunting her in the moments after she was pinned between the truck and a wrecked car. 

fabfurnish.comAbsolutely amazing. All I wanted to do was go home and eat my sushi and now you have f**ked my f**king car,' Pusey was allegedly heard to say. 
In a ruling handed down on Wednesday by Magistrate Donna Bakos, it was stated police alleged Officer Taylor was still alive and groaning audibly.
Pusey would later tell his wife that he had observed the officer 'bleeding … on the top of the roof of his car' and that she was 'suffering', Ms Bakos stated.
The doctor told police Pusey was still filming as he and bystanders were trying to treat the officers and he was forced to ask someone to tell him to stop filming and grab his phone.
That person later told police that Pusey 'was in the way of the doctors treating the victims and he pushed the accused out of the way'. 
'(Another witness) asked the accused to help protect one of the victims by holding up a blanket, but the accused shrugged him off,' Ms Bakos stated.
Yet another witness claimed to have seen Pusey recording on his phone 'within a foot of one of the victims' and then filming each of the others.
Ms Bakos ruled on Wednesday that Pusey must go to trial over a charge of outraging public decency.
Pusey had avoided the crash that killed the officers after he jumped the fence to urinate. 
Before today, Pusey had faced 16 charges - four of which were discharged by Ms Bakos after she ruled a jury could not find him guilty of them. 
The charges included failing to render assistance after a crash, destroying evidence and two charges of perverting the course of justice. 
But Pusey failed in his efforts to have charges of recklessly conduct threatening serious injury, reckless conduct endangering life and drug possession withdrawn. 
He also failed in overturning the ancient charge of outraging public decency, which Pusey's defence had claimed had not been used for hundreds of years. 
The crumpled police car struck by the killer truck is taken away in April 
Richard Pusey's wife gives reporters the finger after her husband's arrest in April 
The mortgage broker (pictured in a court sketch) avoided being struck because he'd been urinating off to the side of the road
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Eight other lesser charges will be transferred to that court when it eventually goes to trial.  
Pusey, who appeared in court via videolink, will learn on Friday if he will be released back into the community on bail. 
His application was strongly opposed by police. 
Homicide Squad detective Senior-Constable Aaron Price claimed video on Pusey's phone showed him driving through a 40kmh roadworks section at 160kmh, telling the court Pusey had plans to reach speeds of up to 350kmh. 
Police had opposed bailing Pusey on the grounds he was a risk to the community and of interfering with witnesses.  
'He has absolute disregard for the emotion of other people, He is a manipulative and controlling man,' Senior-Constable Price added.

'He enjoys driving fast in flashy cars.'
The detective further suggested police had little faith in Pusey's wife of 12 years dobbing him in should he breach his bail conditions in the wild.  
The court heard allegations she had attempted to hamper the investigation against her husband when he was initially charged.  
Pusey has been behind bars since April when a truck crashed into the four officers after they pulled him over for allegedly driving at 149km/h in his Porsche 911 with cannabis and ice in his system. 
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So gruesome is the video that Ms Bakos refused to even allow a description of it. 
Pusey had a minor win in court on Wednesday with several charges discharged by a Melbourne magistrate 
Pictured: Emergency services trying to remove a Porsche from the scene the day after a fatal crash on Eastern Highway in Kew
Pusey faces a wait of anywhere up to three years to go to trial and has several other minor matters still hanging over his head, including charges of theft, criminal damage and using a carriage service to menace.    
For Pusey to be released on bail, he is required to prove 'compelling reasons' to the court.  
The court heard Pusey had spent hard time in jail due mostly to 'onerous conditions' stemming from the COVID-19 crisis. 
The driver of the truck, Mohinder Singh, was charged with four counts of culpable driving and an array of other drug charges. 
Police allege that Singh, who also remains behind bars, was affected by illicit drugs and fatigue when he got behind the wheel of the truck on April 22.
The manager of the trucking company, Simiona Tuteru, has also been charged with four counts of manslaughter.  
A repatriation ceremony for Constable Glen Humphris took place at Hovell Tree Park in Albury in May
Mohinder Singh was charged with four counts of culpable driving and an array of other drug charges over the horrific crash
The truck allegedly driven by Mohinder Singh when it crashed and killed four police officers